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What is digital security?

Digital security includes a huge range
of considerations, including device
security, data security, account
security, online safety, and malicious

While there are a range of solutions
available to organisations to monitor
and manage security, there are many
free and simple precautions users can

How to stay digitally safe?

In our continued efforts to support businesses during this unprecedented time, we’ve compiled a guide for users with our top tips on how to stay digitally safe.

  • Tips on spotting phishing emails
  • Should you store your passwords in your browser?
  • How to avoid malware

Plus many more actionable tips and insights to help keep you and your business safe. 


Avoid Scams

With Covid-19 and coronavirus taking up so much of everyone's attention, unscrupulous individuals are using it to try and scam people and businesses. Now is the time to be even more aware. We've got plenty of hints on spotting these sorts of scams.


Protect Networks

With you and your staff working from home, our home Wi-Fi networks are handling a lot more. And if they're not well-protected, you could be putting more than your bandwidth at risk. Do you have a home working policy that covers security?

Two in five businesses have been subject to some kind of cybercrime within the past twelve months.

2018 Cyber Security Breaches Survey

Security is not optional, start today!

We know how important cybersecurity is, and how damaging it can be if it goes wrong.

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