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A CRM is one of the best tools your business can have - as long as it works for you and your needs. 

If you want to improve your business processes, unlock the potential of your clients, and use industry-leading software, we're here to help.


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What's the benefit of migrating to HubSpot CRM system?

When running or managing any business the ability to manage customer relationships effectively should be at the very core of everything you do. This requirement is what brought the need for CRM in the early days to light. 

Over the years CRM technology has vastly developed and improved each with their own USPs. HubSpot is one of the best examples of a modern CRM with a pretty unlimited scope for expansion and usage.

HubSpot is widely recognised as one of the most user friendly and intuitive CRM, marketing and sales systems on the market today. Not only this but it’s single point of truth for reporting and analytics provides a centralised system which makes running your omni-channel campaigns exponentially easier due to everything being unified. 

Migrate off your current CRM system with ease with a HubSpot Partner

If your CRM data is too complex or if you don’t have the expertise or resources in your team to do the work - using a HubSpot Partner could be a great option for you.

You may be thinking that the challenges of switching your CRM outweigh the benefits to be gained by the switch. 

This is where a HubSpot Partner Agency can help. Our team of HubSpot experts have a wealth of experience with switching CRMs across a wide range of businesses types and sizes.


Why choose SpiderGroup?

This is going to be one of your first questions – so we thought we’d get in and answer it before you ask! We’re a Platinum HubSpot agency, what that means is that our extensive experience with HubSpot services including migrating clients to HubSpot CRM, has been recognised by HubSpot.  

We pride ourselves in our expertise of all things HubSpot, and our team are all champions of HubSpot services. This means when you choose SpiderGroup as your CRM migration partner you can rest easy, assured your business is in the best possible hands. It’s that simple!  


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Download our free guide to learn the best process for migrating from one CRM to another. Make sure your implementation is a success. Because if it isn't, you won't get the benefits of having all your customer and prospect data at your fingertips.

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How does the migration process work?

You can expect your migration to take up to 3 months. This is something that is predetermined by HubSpot, and not something that can be accelerated.

Step 1

First up we create a blueprint for the solution we’ll be implementing. This is fully tailored to your individual business need and will define how we will meet your short term and long-term goals during the process.

Step 2

The next step is to progress to the preparation stage. This involves understanding your data, cleansing it, defining the tools you’ll use and setting up your deal pipelines. This is critical as it allows us to seamlessly import everything at a later stage of the project.

Step 3

Next up is the migration. This involves moving and recreating any data, landing pages, email, campaigns, and workflows. Once this is complete, we can start executing your migration, building, setting-up and configuring the foundational elements of your new system. This allows us to move into the success stage – expanding the reach of the platform, optimising results and most importantly – meeting your business goals.

Inspirational results

More traffic, more leads, more conversions, more deals...

A comprehensive inbound strategy, plus HubSpot CRM migration, equals impressive results for a Bristol cleaning company.

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Increase in monthly PPC conversions


More leads from social/paid social


Organic traffic increase


Improvement in conversion rate

What's the cost of HubSpot CRM migration?

The cost of your migration project, and getting you set up with HubSpot can vary massively. We have three bespoke HubSpot onboarding packages which range from £1900 - £4200. The dependent factors that will affect the cost of your project are:

- The system you’re using at the moment

- How many contacts/ objects need importing 

- What else needs to be imported 


- The suite you’re migrating from  
- Is there any complex integration work required? 
- How much CRM customisation you will need 


Quote mark

SpiderGroup have been absolutely fantastic. HubSpot was a big jump for us but SpiderGroup have made this transition smooth and easy! Their level of communication is second to none! We know we can always call them if we have any questions and we now see them as an additional member to our team, not as a separate entity. We would highly recommend!

Claudia - Business Development Manager

A Cleaning Service

Let's have a chat!

Let's talk about your business needs and see if HubSpot CRM migration is the right approach for you.


What to expect from a chat with us

At SpiderGroup we only work with businesses where we know there’s a strong mutual fit. This means that we won’t waste your time and money if we don’t think we’re the right HubSpot partner for you. You will even recommend you to other partners we think you’ll better suit.  

When you contact us for a chat about HubSpot CRM migration services, we’ll get to know your business, explain the process, and provide you with some more information about how much you can expect the process to cost.  

There is absolutely no commitment from an initial chat, we’d love to get to know you and your business and see how great we could be together! Leave your details and we’ll be in touch. 

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