Sales Hub Management

HubSpot's sales software helps you save time, get deeper insights into prospects, automate the tasks you hate, and close more deals, more quickly.

SpiderGroup help you and your sales teams get more from the tools, to streamline your entire sales operation, whether as a standalone retainer, a one-off project, or in combination with Marketing Hub. 

HubSpot Sales

Sales Hub is a hugely powerful platform in the HubSpot suite. 

If you want to save time, streamline your outreach, automate your activities, manage multiple pipelines, and track everything, you've got exactly what you need.  

The hub covers everything you need for an effective sales team:

  • Deal pipelines
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Automated sequences
  • Emails, calls, and tasks
  • Predictive lead scoring
  • Playbooks
  • And tonnes more

On top of the sales management tools, you also have access to loads of reporting and analytics. So you can keep track of how your sales activities are performing, monitor your sales team's KPIs, and track your conversion rates throughout the entire sales process. 

At SpiderGroup, we help you get the most out of the sales hub - whether that's through setting everything up for you, monitoring your results and optimising activities, or training and coaching your sales teams. 

Find out more

SpiderGroup help businesses to improve sales processes and improve conversion rates. Often in conjunction with the powerful lead generation of HubSpot Marketing Hub, but we offer Sales Hub management as a standalone service. 

We'll spend some time with you to start with, just to find out if this is the right conversation to be having. 

Then we'll arrange a more in-depth discussion, a deeper dive into your goals and ambitions, to work out how best to get you there. We use a proprietary method of working backwards from your goals, right up the funnel, to identify the tactics and techniques we'd need to use to accelerate your success. 


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