Video Selling Bootcamps

Using Video in your sales process is all about standing out, making an impact, and ultimately converting more prospects.

Help your teams explore the possibilities of video-based selling with one of our expert bootcamps, designed to provide real results for your business.

Why Video Sales?

There are plenty of reasons to use video in your sales process - such as the fact that it generates a 4 fold increase in response rates. Not to mention the benefits of using video to showcase proposals when you can't meet in person.


Getting started with video selling can be a challenge - that's why we've created three packages to help you. Whether you want a quick intro, a bootcamp, or bespoke training, we've got you covered.

Video in Sales

Using video in sales is a way to stand out - compare receiving a bunch of text with a bright, friendly video message. It's not only more engaging, it's also more human. Your prospect gets to "meet" you, which can be a big part of building trust (something sales people definitely need to achieve, and quickly). 

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Response rate


Shorter sales cycle


Higher reply rate


Click through rate



We're Vidyard Partners, because they're one of the world's leading corporate video hosting platforms.

You can get started for free, with their browser plugin, and achieve a surprising amount. But we can also help you scale up and access the insights and tools available, if that's right for you. 

Even better, Vidyard integrates seamlessly with a whole load of CRMs, including HubSpot, Marketo, Zendesk and Mailchimp. It's also the only major video hosting platform with a native Salesforce integration. So, although we're HubSpot Partners too, we can help you no matter what CRM you have. 

Your options

Introductory Masterclass


  • 1 hour webinar
  • On-demand
  • Learn the basics
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4-Week Workshop

£3,000 + VAT

  • 4 weeks of personalised training:
  • Using Vidyard
  • Video outreach
  • Mid-cycle conversations
  • Insights and analytics
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3-month Sales Training

£6,000 + VAT

  • 4-Week Workshop, plus:
  • Personal Success Manager
  • Vidyard and HubSpot Integration
  • Sales Enablement Training
  • Advanced Video Sales Skills
  • Team training
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