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Elliott Training

Elliott Training is a B2B-focused provider of training and development programmes, working across the UK to deliver onsite, targeted training to businesses across all industries.

One of the UK’s leading providers, Elliott Training count HSBC, Honda, M&S, Unilever, and Network Rail among their highly satisfied clients. 

The Problem

Initially, Elliott Training recognised that their website did not reflect the appropriate image, having not been updated in line with their growth and progress as a provider. Between the design and content, the website didn’t portray the professional image the business wanted, nor did it build trust with prospects, bring in new leads, or engage with clients.

The Requirements

Elliott Training needed a new website, which SpiderGroup produced. Following that, their primary concerns were around generating leads. The newly designed site may better reflect the image of the company, but the content needed to be reviewed, updated, and developed. The requirements of the project were to increase the level at which the website generated leads and brought in prospects, through a new content and digital marketing strategy.

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We knew we were in safe hands. From the start of our working relationship they understood our vision for the future of Elliott Training… we knew the website should be aligned with our marketing strategy. Having our website and PPC built and run by the same company also made sense.

Sarah Elliott - Director

Elliott Training


The Solution

At SpiderGroup we work with businesses to improve lead generation and client engagement, so our approach encompassed four main areas to align with the business goals of Elliott Training:

  • Continued improvements across website for maintenance
  • Technical SEO to improve website ranking and user experience
  • Content strategy to increase traffic and lead generation
  • Continue to run and optimise PPC campaign

Within this strategy, we would develop personas, research competitors and targets, identify topic clusters and content opportunities, and develop new, engaging ways to attract different audiences to the site.

The Detail

After a complete redesign and restructure of the Elliott Training website, we ramped up content creation. The content itself was targeted and strategic – combining keyword research and persona development to increase its utility and make sure each published item would be relevant to target prospects, as well as more likely to be visible in search engine results.

The Content

Content quality is also a key concern, with high-level executives at well-known British brands being among the target audience. Appealing to such an audience requires high-value, useful, relevant content, which formed the basis of our ongoing strategy.

The Structure

Focusing on building out the content allowed us to bring in pillar pages that showcased the topics of interest to users, while a robust internal linking plan added value and created a clear and relevant customer flow throughout the website.

The Audience

Matching content with customer intent enabled us to target different content to different audiences, ensuring all visitors to the site find relevant and applicable materials, increasing their likelihood of converting into a lead. This also provided opportunities to increase the number of ranking keywords on the site, with pages mapped to specific keywords to widen the opportunities for inbound leads and avoid content competing with itself.

The Background

Behind the scenes, our digital team were also busy improving the technical elements of the website, including elements like alt tags, meta data, response codes, and page speed. While these aren’t visible and obvious to the naked eye, technical SEO is a tangible and important contributor to page rankings in Google search.

The Success

In addition, the team manage the reporting and data insights, to support, validate, and evolve future strategy decisions. Implementing appropriate tagging and tracking allows for a robust vision of how users move through the site, how they convert, what content contributes to leads, and how those leads prefer to get in touch.

The Outcome

In the 12 months from September 2018 to September 2019, the site saw some fantastic results.

Non-branded impressions refer to when a website shows up in a search result for any search that does not include the name of the brand (Elliott Training) or derivatives. Increases in this area reflect the greater reach the website is getting with its additional content.

By developing and implementing a targeted digital marketing strategy, SpiderGroup were able to get the Elliott Training website ranking for more than double the keywords, and converting leads at a significantly increased rate.



Increase in non-brand impressions


Increase in conversions


Increase in keywords

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Since working with SpiderGroup I have won a number of tenders including Computershare, GKN Aerospace and Shaw Trust, which started from lead generation with the work SpiderGroup had done!

Sarah Elliott - Director

Elliott Training