Case Study

Inbound Marketing and HubSpot

A comprehensive inbound strategy, plus HubSpot, equals impressive results for a Bristol cleaning company.

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The background

As a company offering cleaning services to both Domestic and Commercial clients, A Cleaning Service wanted to generate leads more consistently, with a measurable and repeatable process.

They came to us and we developed a comprehensive inbound strategy, incorporating content marketing, Google Ads, social media, social advertising, and email marketing, as well as improvements to the UX of the website.

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SpiderGroup have become an integral part to the running and success of our business! After a turbulent journey with previous marketing agencies in the past with underwhelming results and vanity figures, we were beginning to doubt the effectiveness of working with a marketing agency. Then we found SpiderGroup.

Claudia -

A Cleaning Service


In the six months since we started working with A Cleaning Service, we've generated some fantastic results, with each of the different strategies adding more leads month on month. 

Since taking over the Google Ads, we have reduced the average cost per conversion from £230 to just £18! And that's just the tip of the results iceberg. 

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Increase in monthly PPC conversions


More leads from social/paid social


Organic traffic increase


Improvement in conversion rate

The Marketing

After implementing HubSpot for A Cleaning Service, we implemented a content calendar that balanced the different services on offer, with the different target audiences, to create a well-rounded campaign. New blog content and improved SEO across the site contributed to the growing organic traffic, and email marketing brought in new deals and renewed interest.

The Paid Advertising

One of our first jobs was to overhaul the Google Ads campaigns that were running, streamlining the targeting and improving the keywords and negative keywords. By creating new content for landing pages and updating the wording of the ads, we brought up the Quality Score and massively reduced the cost per click, bringing in more qualified leads. On top of that, implementing Facebook advertising has brought in more new leads and increased brand awareness in the target areas.

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Spidergroup worked hard to define a tailored service that really suited our business, our mindset and were very realistic about what we could achieve. They provided clear strategies and information to really give me confidence in what success would look like for us working with Spidergroup. They then put all of this and more into action! They have achieved INCREDIBLE results for us! Every statistic has improved, from our cost per click being astronomically reduced, to the number of leads being produced monthly through social media, organic and paid strategies.

Claudia -

A Cleaning Service

The Projection

We created an expectation of how many new leads we would expect to bring in each month, ramping up as activities bed in and are optimised. That's what A Cleaning Service signed up for, and that's what we promised to deliver.

The Success

After 6 months, we're tracking 50% higher than that projection cumulatively, with our best month nearly doubling the number of leads - and that trend is continuing month on month.

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We were looking for a company who could become a part of our team and use their initiative to implement our ideas… Now we struggle to keep up with all the dynamic and innovative ideas they continue put forward to us! Every single member of their team is a pleasure to work with and we can’t wait for what our future holds with SpiderGroup!

Claudia -

A Cleaning Service