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Can the cloud replace my local file server?

So, your server is old and a little rusty from years of use and it now struggles to keep up with daily tasks. If the server is beginning to impact productivity of your team, perhaps you should think of moving to the cloud as a replacement instead of buying a new one at a large expense. … Continued

How does Dynamics CRM improve customer service?

Great customer service should revolve around 3 key fundamentals; communication, management and keeping promises. Any software, tool or strategy that can assist you with keeping your promises and help you deliver on those fundamentals is essential. Communication Dynamics CRM allows you to communicate with your customers in any number of ways. One of the really … Continued

How do you rank in Google searches?

The internet has put the world at our finger tips. Searching the internet has become such an integral part of our daily life the word “google” has even been accepted into the Oxford Dictionary. They define it simply as to: “Search for information about (someone or something) on the Internet using the search engine Google” … Continued

4 ways to increase IT efficiency

IT is one of the biggest resources for any business. With so many systems, software and ways of working available, how do you know you’re using your IT in the most efficient way? Here are four quick suggestions to increase the efficiency of your IT systems and reduce the overall cost of IT expenditure. Server consolidation … Continued

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