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Using Google Analytics to monitor SEO efforts

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of getting a website to rank organically. This means that when you enter a keyword or phrase into Google, or another search engine, you see a result for that search. Most people know that the process of SEO takes time and is not an instant way to … Continued

How do you set up Office 365?

Getting started on Office 365 is easy and only takes a few minutes. If you’re setting it up yourself, it’s just a case of choosing the appropriate plan and entering some payment details (or you could go for the free trial option). If you’re buying through your existing IT partner first check they are a … Continued

How the cloud makes moving office easier

The long list of items to attend to during an office move can feel overwhelming. As well as moving general office furniture, there’s telephone lines and computers to consider too, not to mention a secure transition for your staff. But there is a way to simplify and streamline your office move, giving you one less … Continued

Technical web changes to improve SEO

When combined, the words technical and SEO can seem terrifying, especially to those who have only just got the hang of constructing creative copy! While writing blogs, including internal links, and pushing published posts out of social media are great ways to increase traffic to your website, getting down and dirty with your technical side … Continued

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