Remote desktop lets you host all the software and data you use on a secure and fully backed up server, then access it remotely from any device connected to the same network. This can either be through a local network connection within your office or via the internet, meaning you can access your personal desktop and files at anytime, anywhere in the world. SpiderGroup supplies secure remote desktops with full support to upgrade your business technology with the upmost ease and security.

Access your work desktop from anywhere, at any time

Using a remote desktop is one of the simplest ways to reduce your IT costs while streamlining your technology infrastructure, with a more flexible and efficient approach to working. Hosting everything on a server whether it’s ours or yours, means your data is stored safely and can be accessed from any device you choose. There is no need to email files to yourself or carry a USB as all your data is readily available. That way, if your computer develops a fault, you can instantly move to another device and carry on working without losing anything at all.

A remote working partnership based in Bristol

SpiderGroup specialises in providing scalable solutions to assist with growing companies whether you work locally in Bristol or globally. If a remote desktop is a right match to transform your business, we’ll take care of the installation for you to make it as simple as possible. We’ll take the stress out of migration and make sure your employees have the technology support they need should an issue arise. By adopting a more flexible approach to your work environment utilising the cloud, we can digitise your business, increase your efficiency and save you time and money. One step at a time, here’s how to get started

If you’d like to find out more about remote desktops and how they can transform your business, get in touch using the details below. Or claim your free technology review today and see what areas of your business could be improved with a technology upgrade.

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