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29th September. 4pm

Video Selling Masterclass

Learn how to use video throughout your entire sales process and unlock benefits like a 50% shorter sales cycle, and up to 4x as many responses to outreach.

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Tuesday 28th July, 11am

Storing Data in Office 365

SharePoint, Teams, OneNote, Wiki, Docs... where/when/how should you store your data?

Tuesday 14th July, 11am

How to Keep in Touch with Customers

Maintaining communication with customers is vital - but what methods should you use?

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Tuesday 30th June, 11am

Streamline Process with Power Automate

Learn how to use Power Automate to effectively improve your business processes.

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Tuesday 16th June, 11am

Using Video for Sales as well as Marketing

Video is hugely important in marketing, but do you know how to use it in sales?

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Tuesday 2nd June, 11am

Using Technology for Effective Remote Working

As we all get used to working remotely, make sure you're using the most effective systems.

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Tuesday 19th May, 11am

What Marketing Should You Be Doing Right Now?

It can be difficult to know how to do marketing in a crisis. Here's how to be responsible with your marketing.

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Tuesday 5th May, 11am

Collaboration Using Office 365

Learn how to get the most out of the collaboration tools in Office 365

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