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SpiderCast is our new video series, sharing ideas, insights, and advice on running your business, getting the most out of your technology, and achieving your goals. 

Hosted by James Cook, Founder and CEO of SpiderGroup, and Natalie Howells, Group Head of Marketing and novice compere. 


What it's all about

SpiderCast is part podcast, part videocast, part conversation, and part learning experience. 

James has a wealth of experience in business, and has been lauded as a mentor by businesses across the south west. SpiderCast is our way of sharing insights and expertise more widely. 

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Episode 1

Goal Setting

Natalie quizzes James on the importance of setting goals, both personally and professionally. Book recommendations and some lighthearted mocking of Natalie's 'vision' board included.

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Episode 2

Company Culture

Natalie and James discuss the importance of company culture, how to create one, and what areas need to be considered and improved.

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Episode 3.1

Investing in your Business

We got carried away, so this is part one - where should you spend money when you're a small business or sole trader?

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