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Webinar: How to Run a Webinar

11am Tuesday 21st April. Learn how to run an effective webinar.

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We know it's a bit 'inception'

Yes, we're running a webinar on how to run a webinar. But as so many businesses are turning to web content to engage their audience, we want to do our bit in making webinars the best they can be!

What to expect

Want to run a webinar to help get your business out there? Want to make sure you get it right? You're in the right place. 

You might have been to a few webinars of late, and you've probably noticed some are noticeably better than others. 

We're here to help you make sure yours is on the better side. We'll cover:

- How to use the right technology

- When to webinar versus running a group Zoom

- How much interaction should you have?

- How many slides?

- How much info should you have on each slide

- Promoting and following up

And more...

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