What is PPC and should it be in my marketing plan?

By SpiderGroup

29 Aug 2016

PPC, otherwise named Pay Per Click, is an online advertising format which gets your business out there instantly. PPC is great if you want to increase your online presence and find new customers, fast.

"Ad"How does it work?

PPC is most commonly used in Google AdWords and Bing, but also refers to social advertising such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. With PPC, you create your advert in the correct interface, set a budget and determine where and when you want it to show. The great thing about PPC is you only pay when a potential customer clicks your advert, so you know your money is being well spent.



Control your advertising

You have complete control of your PPC budget, so you only put into it what you can afford. Plus, once you’ve set it all up, you can turn it off and on at the touch of a button. PPC is all about controlled advertising, that you can monitor and change as you wish. You can see all the stats so you can determine what’s working and what’s not, to improve your return on investment.


Should PPC be in my marketing strategy?

PPC is ideal for companies looking for a quick win, to boost traffic and leads. Having the stats at your fingertips enables you to hone in on the parts of your business that are driving sales to constantly improve your ROI, while keeping expenditure down. Of course, it does require some creative flair for really targeted ad copy, and a keen eye for numbers to really optimise it to its full potential.

If PPC sounds like something you’re missing, get in touch with SpiderGroup. We have a team of certified PPC experts in Bristol that can set up your campaigns and continually improve them so you make the most out of your budget. Get in touch by filling in our contact form or give us a ring on 0117 933 0570.

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