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How to associate your company email with Google

Linking Your Business Email to Google for Enhanced Online Operations

In order to use Google’s applications such as My Business, Analytics, and other applications that will help you establish and optimize your business’ online presence, you will need a Google Account. However, not all companies use Google as their email service and thus your company email might not work with Google’s applications by default. 

Fortunately, there's no need to generate a new email address. This guide details how to connect your existing work email to Google, regardless of your email provider, allowing seamless access to Google's vast array of resources without the hassle of managing another email account.

Steps to Connect Your Work Email to Google Without Creating a New Account:

  1. Navigate to www.google.com. In the upper right, click on "Create an account," or use this direct link.
  2. In the "Create your Google Account" form, fill in the necessary details. Opt for "Use my current email address instead" rather than setting up a new @gmail.com account. Then, set a new password for this Google-linked account and proceed by clicking "Next."
  3. Google will request a Verification Code next. Enter the code sent to your work email—you might need to check your spam folder. Click "Verify" to proceed.
  4. With your email now verified and linked to Google, you gain access to all Google applications using your work email and the newly created password. This includes enhancing your online presence through Google Maps and more.