Case Study

Implementing Inbound - our HubSpot Experience

We're nothing if not our own case study - these are the results we've achieved through implementing HubSpot and Inbound Marketing. Spoiler alert: 600% increase in MQLs year on year.

The Background

As a data and tech-focused agency, we wanted to have a way of offering digital marketing services that would not only provide our clients with tangible results, but that would also provide the data and insight to really drill down into ROI and customer acquisition.

The Solution

We quickly identified HubSpot as a tool that would allow us to do this. By integrating everything in one place, it would make it possible to track how each marketing activity is working and where leads are coming from most effectively. Before offering it to clients, we of course tested it out on ourselves!

Quote mark

“HubSpot seemed like the perfect solution to our data-driven marketing. Looking at the data we have, we can see where our results are coming from and where we should focus more attention.”

James Cook - CEO



Over the past 12 months, we've seen our traffic, leads, and deal pipeline increase massively. 

This comes as a result of our Inbound activities, using HubSpot Marketing Hub, the sales enablement and automation from the HubSpot Sales Hub, and the incredible data generated through the CRM, which links everything together. 

Let's compare September 2019 to September 2020. 

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Increase in MQLs


Organic traffic increase


Overall traffic increase


More deals in pipeline

The Marketing Side

After implementing HubSpot in our Sales and Marketing teams, we've worked on generating more content - specifically, content that's designed to appeal to our target market and draw them to us (you can tell it works based on the increase in organic traffic)

The Sales Side

As we went all-in on HubSpot, we've made full use of the incredible sales enablement software, including workflows and automation, sequences, and everything else it can do. Even better, we have everything connected so we can score leads, understand them better, and truly help them.


We even built our new website on HubSpot CMS - because when we try something out and it works, we want to use every part of it we can. It lets us be completely flexible in adding SEO-rich, high value content to the site, without any hassle. And all of our analytics are in one, data-rich, beautifully usable place.

The Success

As you can see from the stats, we've definitely seen huge successes, not only as a result of HubSpot itself, but by implementing an Inbound strategy that has sales and marketing activities aligned. Our deal pipeline is healthier than ever, our lead generation activities are bringing in people who're interested in what we do, and our automation makes it all completely streamlined.

The Future

Call us greedy, but we want more. And digital marketing is never done - we've got tools for A/B testing and conversion rate optimisation that're generating even more data for us to make even more improvements. 

We've also become a Vidyard partner, to add another tool that really helps businesses improve their sales and marketing, and we're putting that to excellent use already. 


We're also helping our clients achieve success with HubSpot and Inbound, with a lot of testing and measuring. There's never a one-size-fits-all model, but with the tools we have in place, it's easier than ever to be effective. We'll share their successes separately, but early results are showing an 800% increase in leads for one of them...