October 01, 2017

Business Growth: Your Guide to Using the Right Technologies

By SpiderGroup

Efficient use of technology can turn your business into a success. What used to be ‘big company’ technology is now at hands reach of most businesses, no matter how small they are. Investing in technology might seem scary and you may fear losing money. However, if you invest in the right technology you will see a return.

In our eBook ‘How to use technology to grow and streamline your business’, we cover why and how the right technology can help your small business succeed. Equally important is choosing those right technologies. Here are our favourites:

Office 365

We’re big fans of the Office 365 package at SpiderGroup (it’s that good, you see). Office 365 is a cloud-based service that can help you and your team be more productive, and most importantly, from absolutely anywhere. With different subscription plans, you can choose the one that better suits your company. But overall what you get is the Microsoft Office software, Microsoft productivity apps and co-working applications like Teams, Skype for Business and SharePoint where every member of the team can access the files they need.

Hosted Desktop

Often referred to as a ‘virtual desktop’, this option gives you the same screen you’d see on a normal PC ""but instead, the computing behind your desktop is stored at your provider’s data centre. This allows your employees to access their desktop from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Hosting all your files and software on a remote server is a much more secure way of keeping data. So don’t worry if your laptop has broken or you’ve lost your USB stick, because all your stuff is safe and secure at the data centre.

Hosted desktops give employees more flexibility and also saves you money when it comes to hardware and software.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a very broad area. Your business might not need all the services that digital marketing can offer but it will need digital marketing one way or another… Why? Glad you asked.

From all the wonderful things digital marketing can offer you, some are in every businesses interest. It’s more cost-effective and you can advertise specifically to your target audience making sure you’re spending your money on future clients. By tracking your customer’s journey, you can also understand their behaviour better and consequently offer the perfect experience which ultimately leads to increasing your conversions.

Automated Processes

Business Process Automation helps you reduce time-consuming manual tasks like sorting out payrolls or transcribing voice calls. It helps you and your business to spend more time focusing on revenue-generating activities!

If you’d like to look into using forward-thinking technology to optimise your business or find out about the business technology you should be implementing, contact SpiderGroup today on 0117 933 0570 or fill out our contact form and we will be in touch.

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