September 19, 2017

Fabulous Features Of Office 365

By SpiderGroup

By now, it’s almost impossible that you haven’t heard of Office 365. But in case you’re not familiar with it, Office 365 is a subscription plan that gives you access to Office applications and other productivity services, all cloud based.

This means you get access to the Office applications that you’re used to working with like Word, Excel or PowerPoint but also a whole new lot of applications that promote productivity in your teams. The best part is that everything is saved to the cloud, so everyone in your team can access it.

These are some of our favourite features:

Multi edit access

Multiple people can edit the same document at the same time, by saving your file to OneDrive or SharePoint you can co-author the same word document between a team. No more emailing different edited versions.

OneNote meets Outlook

Turn notes into calendar items, OneNote is great for taking notes at a meeting or to organise all of your projects. Turning them into calendar items makes sure you never miss a deadline.

Make Pretend Laser Point

Turn your mouse into a laser pointer for better PowerPoint presentations; you can even change the colour of the laser.

3D Excel Interactive Map

Turn data into maps with Excel using Microsoft Power Map. A 3D visualisation tool that transforms your rows of data into a 3D interactive map.

Flash Fill

Flash Fill will save you so much time if organising data is part of your normal day. This feature automatically recognises your changes and does it for you. All you have to do is accept it.

Export PDFs into Word

Turn a PDF into a Word document, without the formatting issues that may come about when copy and pasting from a PDF; just save it as a Word document and its ready to be edited and changed. Another fabulous little feature is that you can save small portions of your Word document and turn them into a new PDF.

Link files, don’t attach them

Instead of sending attachments to your coworkers, just upload the file to Office 365 cloud storage and copy the link. Send it on an email and grant permission to the people you are emailing. It’s much easier than having lots of different file versions floating around!

If you’d like to discuss implementing Office 365 for your business, get in touch with SpiderGroup. We love it here, enabling collaborative working with ease. Call us on 0117 933 0570 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.

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