How does remote desktop work?

By SpiderGroup

29 Jun 2016


The modern workforce is now more savvy than ever at using technology to their advantage. There is always that one person in the corner of the coffee shop buried in their laptop making that flat white last for hours. So how are modern workers able to work from trendy coffee shops and from home?

Simple, either they have their entire company files saved to their desktop or they are using a remote desktop solution to login to their server and access files via the internet or the ‘cloud’.

The Tech bit

Remote desktop is a broad term which covers the process of using software to connect to a desktop which is located elsewhere, this can either be on a PC or server. Loosely, we usually hear remote desktop grouped in with all things Cloud Computing. Although correct, remote desktop is actually the software used in the process for accessing the cloud.

There are various first and third party applications available which allow remote access. For example, Apple offer ‘Apple Remote Desktop’, and Microsoft supply its ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ soft"stock-photo-77804675-businessman-using-laptop-in-a-desert"ware to all installations of windows.

There are various uses for remote desktop software, some examples include:

– Connecting to your office environment from home

– Connecting from your mobile device

– Accessing your remote desktop from any location with an internet connection

As a company, we offer our customers the ability to remotely access their desktop environment which is hosted in our datacentre. This means that wherever our clients are, and whichever computer they use, they can login to their work desktop and see all their files and data just as it was when they left the office.

How does it work?

Depending on your remote desktop provider, there may be different ways to access your remote desktop but all follow an easy login procedure.

Connecting to a hosted desktop is extremely simple. Once set up, the only thing you require is a small RDP (Remote desktop protocol) connection file that is saved to a convenient location like your desktop. The application is then connected to your in office server, datacentre or your provider’s datacentre.

When this connection file is opened, you will be asked for their log on credentials for the remote desktop, the system will log them on and Ta-Da! You can see your desktop with all your files where you left them.

Hosted desktop can also sync with on-site RODC servers which allows hosted desktop users to access the same files as their colleagues who are logged into the office network. This is what we would term a Local or hybrid solution.

Remote desktop for you

Remote desktop is really easy and simple to use, which is why we recommend it to a number of our clients who want to modernise the way they work. If you think remote desktop could be good for you or your business, get in touch with the team at SpiderGroup. You can give us a ring on 0117 933 0570 or you can fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.

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