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August 13, 2020

Importance of Technology Consultancy for Business

By Claudia Heanley

Technology is evolving continuously and showing no signs of slowing down. These technological advancements mean that, for businesses there are constantly ways to improve. By successfully harnessing new technologies in line with your business and operation capabilities, you’re likely to be able to stay ahead of your industry. Similarly, if you don’t pay attention, you risk being left behind.

While modern technologies are available for businesses to utilise, it can be difficult to constantly look out for and implement them in to your existing business models. And with often cutthroat competition within respective industries, it can be easy to ignore the importance of keeping up with innovative tech that may benefit your business. To keep up with your customers, you need to adapt with them as well.

What is technology consultancy?

Technology consultancies advise you on how to maximise your use of technology to benefit your business. Consultants provide solutions that increase productivity and profit by using technology more efficiently and effectively.

Technology consultants are experts within their fields and operate within an array of areas from IT, software, computers, applications and integrations to areas such as marketing and sales.

The scope of work technology consultants will offer may differ depending on the business or purpose. These include advice on the financial or strategic side of technology, such as implementation of a software across your different departments, or introduction of a new cost-efficient system. Consultants may also work on security analysis, risk assessment, custom software development, or even infrastructure planning. Others also play a significant role in the growth of businesses by helping you adapt to the latest trends.

What they do have in common is that these consultants solve a variety of business problems through technology. They work with the decision makers, executives, and owners of businesses and provide solutions by leveraging technology.

Improve your business process

Business’ potential to thrive is based heavily on your processes. Your daily operations become the building blocks of your success. To stand out among your industry, you need processes that are effective and efficient. While some businesses have readily adapted their processes based on demand, others remain in the dark as to what works and what doesn’t.

In the world of modern technology, business processes are improved through efficient and effective use of available resources. The changes brought about by your business environment call for an improvement in your processes as well.

Through technology consultancy, you’ll be able to gain insight into what initiatives can help improve your business processes. If designed and implemented properly, these initiatives can create strategic value, more efficient resource utilisation, lead to higher quality of services and products, see accelerated marketing time, and overall be responsible for substantial improvement to your operations.

As businesses rely on a web of interconnected processes, technology consultants aim to make them flow as smoothly and simply as possible. To do this, they can eliminate tasks that slow down your operations, streamline administrative work, and introduce better ways of working.

Reducing costs

Cost reduction is pursued aggressively by business owners. However, you should also make it a point that your cost reduction remains sustainable, without compromising the quality of your products or services. Technology consultants provide sound advice and solutions that aim for cost reduction without sacrificing any areas of your business.

One of these methods is through automation. Tech consultants provide solutions that help your employees spend less time on tasks that may be automated. Work that was previously done for hours may be reduced to a fraction of that time which means you’ll need less manpower to do certain tasks. Additionally, it reduces the chance for human error, which means less resources at risk.

Tech consultants also provide a systematic approach to your resource management. There are several tools and software that can be utilised to improve task management, resource allocation, auditing, and reporting.

Additionally, they also provide advice on your tech-related investments, such as your IT infrastructure and introduction of new systems. A considerable amount that you spend on your maintenance and repair of your existing tech-investments may also be able to be reduced dramatically.

Maximising your use of technology

Technology consultants have the primary goal of helping clients maximise their use of technology for their business. They transform the way you use your technology. In short, they leverage your use of technology use to bring a competitive edge to your business and ensure that your investment is fully utilised.

Through them, your available resources are maximised by providing suggestions on their best use and best practices.

However, the most effective way your tech consultants are able to maximise the use of your technology is by training your workforce on how to best use it. These consultants have already mapped out the features, processes, and the most efficient uses of your technological investments. By training your employees, i your investment can be utilised to its full extent.

Growing your business with expertise

As the world of tech grows and evolves, your business must be prepared to adapt to meet the changing demands. Today, the right use of the right technologies becomes the cornerstone of growing your business. This can in turn contribute to you outperforming your competition and remaining relevant. But with great technologies can come great complexities. That’s where your technology consultants come into place.

In terms of business growth, technology consultants offer their services to aid your leveraging of digital technology and introducing innovations into your systems. With more efficient processes in place, your business can scale your productivity and profitability rate, allowing you more room for expansion.

To be more in depth, here’s how a technological consultant can help you grow your business with their expertise:

  1. IT infrastructure – Your technologies such as your servers, computers, routers, switches, etc., are your business’ foundation for growth, so they need to be updated and maintained regularly. Having poorly maintained and outdated tech means you’ll have poor productivity and run the risks from a cyber security point of view.
  2. Back up & disaster recovery – After a disruption, your business needs to continue its operations as smoothly as possible. Having an expert looking after your business means you’ll minimise the time and resources lost after IT incidents take place. Additionally, this also allows you operate the essentials to keep your business afloat in case a disaster strikes.
  3. Business productivity and communications – While you don’t need every single piece of software available, having a tech consultant on board means you’re informed of up-to-date and productive tools. Old software and hardware not only increase your maintenance cost, but also affect your efficiency rate. If you want your business to flourish, you need your team to work with the best tools as well.
  4. Digital transformation – Tech consultants have the necessary expertise when it comes to identifying which tools and processes will help your business grow. Having the right digital tools ensures that you have a competitive advantage.

As their profession suggests, technology consultants can help you by transforming the way you use technology. While it may start out as gearing towards business processes, cost reductions, and maximising the use of tech, it will further expand to other aspects of your business which help accelerate your growth.


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