March 08, 2019

Microsoft Ignite London 2019

By SpiderGroup

The food was rubbish, who puts sandwiches in a plastic container with crisps? Dried up sandwiches and soggy crisps were not my idea of a good lunch. Come on Microsoft, you can do better!

Fortunately, when it comes to the tech they are.


Windows 10 Virtual Desktop

It's coming and it's coming soon, already in private preview. It should reach public preview in a matter of weeks and Microsoft is pushing it hard. It will be the only option if you want to use your Office Pro Plus licence in a server environment and you also do away with the per-user licence (CAL) cost. Microsoft are keen for businesses to take this route over Server 2019 remote desktop and as such, are making an attractive option. 

That being said, traditional remote desktop isn't going anywhere, Windows Server 2019 still supports the role but you'll have to carry on paying for user licences and will need to find some other way of licencing Office, losing out on the frequent updates which come with the Office 365 version.

Flow is all powerful

So many integrations and it seems the only limit is how creative you can be with all the functions. Every business has tasks or processes which could be made more efficient and Flow can be the tool which enables you to do this with relative ease.  

If you haven't given Flow a second glance yet, consider making the time now. It has a great range of functions across Office 365 but also with loads of third-party applications, it can be a powerful tool to save time and automate in your business at very little cost.

Microsoft Modern Desktop

You're going to hear a lot about this one in 2019 as Microsoft is really pushing it. They have this vision that you every business is going to be running the latest version of Windows, all using Office 365 and the hardware is going to be top spec and replaced every 3 years. If you can do all that and don't rely on any third party software (as Microsoft will only support their stuff) then Modern Desktop is for you!

I honestly don't know where Microsoft is going with this one but they are keen to push it.

Windows 10

It's getting its next update in the Spring, you can look forward to, well, honestly, nothing major. Lots of minor design changes and enhancement which will see welcome improvements but nothing groundbreaking. 

We're looking forward to Cortana finally being silenced when you first turn on a new PC, no longer will we hear her working hard to welcome us to Windows every time we unbox a laptop in the SpiderGroup office. Microsoft has heard us and the rest of the IT support teams across the world!


Windows Autopilot is something we're looking forward to using with our customers, just send the new laptop right to the user knowing it will be auto-joined to your domain, the right software installed and the right security policies applied. All without relying on the user to pick the right option, nothing can go wrong, right? Only time will tell.


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