April 04, 2012

The Cloud is Scalable, So What?

By SpiderGroup


When you hear of Cloud Computing, one of the benefits you come across is scalability. But what does this really mean to you?

We say: Scalability = Manageable costs and the ability to grow and down-size quickly.

Having scalable IT means that you can add and remove users precisely when you need to. It takes the worry and the expense out of expanding your IT equipment. As your company grows, your IT grows (but without the lump sum investments).

Save Money

If you already have an in-house server, the performance is likely to be affected once you reach 10-15 users until eventually your staff will be unable to access it all. This is the time that you will need to purchase a new server, which will cost you in the region of £1,800-£2,500 making your newest recruit very expensive! If you have a virtual server in the Cloud, it expands easily and quickly without the large sudden investment. With Cloud Computing you simply contact your provider each time you take on a new member of staff and they will add the new person directly onto your system. You do not need to worry about the efficiency of your equipment, licenses or lump sums of IT expenses. Further more, if they leave or you have to downsize the very same procedure can remove them and reduce your IT bill accordingly.

Having a scalable IT system keeps things very simple, and your cash-flow much more manageable.

Is your business likely to grow in 2012? What IT systems do you have in place?

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