September 13, 2018

The future of the SpiderGroup hybrid server

By SpiderGroup

Back in 2010, we identified that some of our customers wanted to start using the cloud and the advantages it provides but still have the benefit of on-site storage for peace of mind and performance. We leveraged Microsoft technologies to provide the best of both worlds and the SpiderGroup Hybrid server was born.

The SpiderGroup Hybrid Server provided some great features…

  1. Data available locally and in the cloud via Remote Desktop

  2. Offsite automated backups

  3. Fast recovery times in the event of hardware failure

  4. An affordable subscription model for the server hardware and Microsoft licences

  5. Flexible disaster recovery options

Now, almost 9 years on there is still the need for on-site servers but the amount of storage customers need has grown, customer’s want even faster recovery times, more flexible remote working and more proactive managed support.

SpiderGroup Hybrid Server (Generation 2)

So, the SpiderGroup Hybrid Server (Generation 2) was born (very catchy name, we know!). We are using the power of the Microsoft Azure platform with the newly released Azure Files service and Windows Server 2019 to provide a modern, future-proof solution to our customers.

The key features of the generation 2 product include…

  1. Unlimited storage – tiered cloud storage means no matter the size of the on-premise server all your files are at your fingertips

  2. Ultimate flexibility - access to your data through an SMB share or remote desktop from any machine, anywhere

  3. Single sign-on with two-factor support – One secure login for your PC and Microsoft Office 365 services

  4. Extremely fast recovery – in the event of hardware failure your data is still accessible from the cloud and only minutes after the problem is fixed all your files will be available, no need to wait hours or even days for backups to restore

  5. Improved performance – tired storage ensures your most needed files are available locally and the latest Microsoft operating system, Windows Server 2019 promises performance enhancements

  6. Advanced monitoring - enabling instant remote support and automated recovery in the event of failures. Automatic device and network discovery.

  7. Multi-site support – new locations can be up and running very quickly with access to all your data and secure sign in

  8. New cost-effective, compact and customisable hardware 


We are in the process of completing internal testing and plan to have the generation two server available from late 2018 to early 2019. If you’d like to know more about It Support in Bristol get in touch and we’ll be in contact once our testing has completed.

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