A charity can be affected by so many external factors; environment, history, people, politics and current affairs. We understand our Charity clients have strict budgets/funding and often feel they do not have the right technology to run their organisation in the most cost-effective way and often struggle to adapt to the digital age.

We believe all organisations should be empowered by technology. You have an end goal, a budget and have a developed charity, but do you know and understand what technology and digital strategies you need to hit

Organisational and Digital Strategy are Merging Into One

Carol Rudge, global head of not for profit at Grant Thornton, agrees. “Digital is a game changer and, like it or not, is here to stay,” she says. “Without an informed and considered digital strategy – and more importantly, the internal governance and operations to support it – funding may erode, huge opportunities will be missed and charities will face an uphill struggle against their peers who have embraced it.”

The right technology can benefit charities in many ways:

  • Employees can work remotely which saves on office and equipment cost
  • Technology investment can be spread throughout subscription payments instead of one large sum
  • A solid digital strategy can help increase awareness and donations
  • Having an engaging website will enable you to showcase your work and success stories

How do we help?

Digital technology is disrupting every sector and one of the main messages is to keep your organisation up to date or risk being lost amongst your competitors. SpiderGroup understands the positive impact technology can make and how a small investment can go a long way to increase growth and streamline costs. Our solutions are bespoke to industry and to organisations; we understand your challenges so we can provide the right solution for you. We have a wealth of experience in providing Technology and Digital marketing to ensure cost isn’t a barrier and time isn’t a concern.

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