Infrastructure is an important part of any successful business. If you are a small or growing SME company, you may not have time to focus on developing your internal processes, choose software, or even invest in physical servers. Microsoft Azure supported by SpiderGroup allows you to maximise productivity and access thousands of applications by running your business from the cloud, without having to spend time managing and configuring your account.

Boost productivity and streamline processes

Access thousands of apps, templates and software with Microsoft Azure to help you focus on core areas of your business and grow with ease. You can eliminate time spent purchasing hardware or managing software and updates, and instead make the most of your skills by developing products and running your business more efficiently. Azure provides the tools to make working on projects, assisting clients and the day to day running of your business so much simpler. You only need to pay for the products that you use, enabling you to be entirely flexible with Azure and adding or removing applications to adapt to your business growth.

Let us help you migrate

Due to the investment we have made in our own cloud infrastructure over the last 10 years, we have an intrinsic understanding of the subtleties of moving your infrastructure to the cloud. If you’re new to Azure or have recently begun using the service, we can facilitate moving your existing in-house workloads to Azure. We will also connect it to our monitoring systems so that we are constantly ensuring that Azure is delivering the maximum benefit for your business.

To find out more about migrating your business to the cloud with Microsoft Azure, get in touch using the contact details below. Why not claim your free business technology review while you’re here? We’ll analyse your existing technology and let you know if you’re missing out on some business tech that could transform your business!

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