Virtual Servers

For many businesses, a traditional office is no longer necessary as so many of their core business activities take place online. A virtual office from SpiderGroup offers a secure, cost-effective and easy-to-use online space for your employees to collaborate, share resources and manage workflow simply and efficiently. It can work seamlessly alongside your existing physical office space or replace it entirely, whatever best suits the needs of your organisation.

Team members can login to your virtual office from any device, anywhere with an internet connection offering a highly flexible way to work that adapts to their needs and yours. You can benefit from all the infrastructure of a traditional office, including receptionists and integrated phone systems, allowing you to present a professional, big-business profile but at a much lower cost.

Want to Boost Productivity While Reducing Cost?

Taking your office online isn’t just about benefiting you, it can also offer a superior experience for your customers. The freedom to login to your office from any device, anytime, anywhere, means you can provide a more continuous service to your clients. With a virtual server, you can offer a comprehensive service to your customers using all of your resources, wherever you are. SpiderGroup’s servers are co-located and securely updated, maximising your business up-time whilst reducing risk and cost. Contact us to find out more.

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