SpiderGroup Updates

Our latest information and updates regarding the ongoing and evolving situation with regards to coronavirus and Covid-19 can be found on this page. 

We also recommend the following resources, which will provide some context on our approach: 

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Tuesday 5th January 2021

In light of the latest national lockdown, we have implemented the following changes:

  • As all staff are able to work from home, we will be closing our offices for anything other than emergencies
  • We are postponing all non-emergency site visits until such time as it is safe to resume - our Support team are on hand via the phone if you need anything
  • We will be working with clients to provide support and help with the impact of the newest lockdown


Tuesday 1st September - 11am

It is currently business as usual here at SpiderGroup. We're in the office when we need to be, though all of our staff have the equipment and ability to work from home and continue to do so. 

The team is working hard supporting our customers and we're happy to be able to help as more and more offices are reopening.

Where on-site visits are necessary, we continue to provide masks and sanitiser, and our teams adhere to social distancing to protect themselves, our clients, and our wider community. 

Monday 11th May - 2pm

In light of the latest government guidance, our office will remain closed and our staff will continue to work from home. We have everything we need to run all of our services remotely, so we will be continuing as we are, to protect our staff, clients, and communities.

We are communicating directly with our clients with regards to how we can support those who are returning to work following the changes to the guidance.

We've updated our policies and procedures regarding onsite support to ensure we are able to protect our staff, clients, and wider communities. Our priority is being able to provide services safely, and we will continue to update these policies as the situation dictates. 

Tuesday 24th March - 10am

In line with the latest Government guidance, we will be postponing all non-essential site visits. We will be available for emergency visits where these are necessary to keep businesses running. 

Any emergency site visits will need to follow distancing processes - with all individuals maintaining a minimum 2 metre distance - to protect both our staff and our customers. 

Our IT Support teams are already working fully remotely and will continue to be available for off-site support as normal. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to keep everyone safe. 

Friday 20th March - 9am

Tech Support Waiting Times

While we are operating at full staffing levels, our IT Helpdesk are currently experiencing a very high volume of calls to help clients with many of the challenges they are facing with having everyone work from home. This means that waiting times are higher than we would normally expect. 

We are responding to everyone as quickly as we possibly can, but please bear with us. We hope that the volume of calls will start to reduce as more and more people get their remote working systems fully operational. 

Tuesday 17th March - 4pm

How we're trying to help...


Customer IT Increases

Where possible, we have increased resources available to the customers using remote desktops services on the SpiderGroup platform, at no cost. We want to be as supportive as we can and we appreciate that many businesses are requiring much more now that workforces are running remotely as much as possible. 


Virtual Networking

We have arranged a virtual networking event on Thursday 19th March to help businesses continue to connect and inspire one another. 

Everyone is welcome - sign up here


Monday 16th March - 9am

Our latest update is as follows. As we all know, this is a constantly changing and evolving situation, so we will update this page as new information or decisions come to light. 

Remote Working

The Government’s current advice has not yet gone as far as closing schools and offices, and instead focuses on people self-isolating if they are feeling unwell.

However, we are now encouraging all staff to work from home. All members of the team have the equipment necessary to conduct their roles completely, and we do not anticipate any issues with regards to service delivery as things stand.

As the situation develops, we will continue to monitor and evolve this strategy and keep you informed. 


Business Continuity

We have a robust Business Continuity Plan in place, with a BC team already briefed and ready to enact whichever sections of the plan become necessary as changes to the global and national guidance and restrictions emerge. 


Limiting Travel

While the UK Government have not yet asked businesses to close offices, we are committed to the health of our staff and that of our clients, partners, and suppliers. Our teams are ready and able to conduct most meetings virtually. We feel this is the right choice to support the health of everyone, and will be utilising Zoom and Microsoft Teams to enable face-to-face communication.

As the situation develops, we may need to postpone site visits or make specific arrangements. We will liaise directly with any affected clients as necessary. 

Please be assured, SpiderGroup is well-positioned and prepared to work through this pandemic. And while we are confident our plan is good for our partners, our colleagues, and the wider community, we accept that with the constantly-evolving nature of the situation, we can only do our best. 

We ask for your patience and we will continue to communicate often with any updates and other measures we’re taking as the situation progresses.