Myths Surrounding the Cloud

By SpiderGroup

31 Aug 2016

With cloudy days here to stay, businesses are faced with multiple opportunities to introduce the cloud to their day-to-day running. Decisions to introduce software hosted by the cloud can be marred by negative myths. To help businesses make more informed decisions, we’ve taken the time to debunk some of the common myths surrounding our loftiest form of computing.

“The cloud isn"cloud"’t safe”

Probably one of the most common myths we hear at SpiderGroup about the cloud is that it isn’t safe. In fact, the cloud is often on par with in-house server security and in many cases offers a safer way to store files and assets.

Keeping your important documents and information on the cloud rather than on your computers not only means they can be accessed anywhere in the world, but also means they can still be accessed should your computers and laptops get lost, damaged, or stolen.

“When it comes to the Cloud, it’s all or nothing”

The idea that there is no in between when it comes to using the cloud is completely false. Businesses can have the best of both worlds and use cloud based software or installed programs where it best suits their business.

“Cloud subscriptions cost your business more”

There are plenty of silver linings to the cloud

Subscriptions to cloud software may seem like a far bigger expenditure for your business but can actually save you money. Without having to buy software and applications outright, you can save on upfront costs, and often won’t have to worry about paying for new software every time new versions are introduced. And, you may also find your business saves on electricity bills, as well as being able to offer more flexible working time.

Not to mention the fact cloud subscriptions can scale with your business, reducing and growing when you really need it.

SpiderGroup are specialists when it comes to cloud computing so if you’re looking for a remote desktop, why not get in touch? Speak to a member of our tech team on 0117 933 0570 today for more information.

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