August 19, 2020

Teams phones discount - 25% off for one year!

By Bryan Parsons


Teams Phone-1Microsoft Business Voice for Teams includes all the features your business needs for a fully featured cloud hosted phone system and is available now with a 25% discount. 

Normally priced at £12 per user, per month but currently available for £9 per user per month. The discounted pricing lasts for 12 months from the date applied.

This offer is only available until the 31st January 2021 and only applies to customers who are not already using the Microsoft Teams Phone system. Conditions apply.

Find out more about Microsoft Teams and get in touch today.

More about Microsoft Teams Phones

If you're thinking this couldn't replace your current phone system or lacks features you need, think again....

  1. Teams app which works across all platforms, including mobile devices, allowing you to answer the phone from anywhere and any device.

  2. Cloud auto attendants - create a menu system allowing callers to route to the correct user/department

  3. Music on hold - play music or other messages when the call is on hold or queuing

  4. Modern desktop phones - you can still have a proper phone on the desk where needed

  5. Call queues - can be configured in multiple ways to route calls and overflow as required

  6. Call forwarding - route calls to colleagues or voicemail at the click of a button

  7. Group call pickup - your incoming calls can also ring your colleagues

  8. Consultative transfer - transfer to a colleagues or even another device if you need to be on the move

  9. Transfer to voicemail mid call - not sure when you'd want to do this, but it's an option!

  10. Call park/retrieve - calls can be parked in the cloud and retrieved by another device or user

  11. Caller ID - including caller ID masking

  12. Presence based call routing - only receive calls when you're not busy

  13. Video calling and conferencing

  14. Cloud voicemail - users can configure settings and record their own greetings easily. Voicemails can be retrieved from any device

  15. Busy on busy - various options for when you're already in a call

  16. Call blocking - users can block specific numbers easily

  17. Call recording - record calls on demand 

Teams does lack a few features like automatic call recording, call centre features and decent reporting so it's not a perfect fit for all businesses. SpiderGroup has been using Teams as a phone system for sometime and find it works really well for the business. It was particularly helpful when we all needed to transition to working from home recently as it's completely cloud based.

Find out more about Microsoft Teams and get in touch today.

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