May 11, 2016

What is a virtual hosted desktop?

By SpiderGroup

Virtual hosted desktop, remote server, hosted desktop, cloud computing – all of these are names for basically the same thing. Still not sure? A virtual hosted desktop is a user interface which allows you to access all your computer’s belongings from a safe and secure server on the cloud. Relying on one computer is a thing of the past with a hosted desktop because you can access your stuff anytime, from anywhere!

How does it work?

A virtual hosted works with one central server where all your data and files are backed up. Then you have your computers, or thin clients, that connect to that server. The server holds all the important stuff so all you need to do is connect to the cloud from any device to access it all.

Free up storage space

Storing your data on the cloud means you can free up space on your computer, laptop, or whatever device you use. This is where a thin client comes in. They’re basically a super small computer that has only the basic necessary hardware and connects to the server for all the rest. They are a really cost-effective way of running an office as they’re much cheaper and simpler than traditional computers. Saving storage space can save you money!

Work on the go

A virtual hosted desktop offers freedom and flexibility from the office, enabling you to work from home – or on top of a mountain– with complete ease. You can access all your files and documents from a safe and secure database hosted on the cloud. No need to worry about remembering your USB stick!

Keep your data secure

Hosting your files on the cloud is like an insurance policy: you always have a back-up. And this back-up is on one server in a safe place. You can rest assured that there are the appropriate security measures in place, and there’s no opportunity for accidental loss or theft.

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