What’s the fuss about Cloud Computing?

With technology and computing constantly changing, Cloud Computing has defiantly revolutionised the way in which computers, licenses, and software are bought.

Cloud computing represents a shift in how company’s operate their IT, moving from in-house shared servers to huge on-line (cloud) servers.

Today: Shared resources, software and information, provide businesses with the benefits of anywhere, anytime, access to data, improved reliability, and software that is up to date with less danger of virus’s and other threats.

Before Cloud Computing

  • Company’s physically had all IT resources within the office clogging up space
  • Large amounts of internet bandwidth was required
  • An awful lot of cooling was needed to stop servers from getting hot and damaged
  • A large budget to include all hardware and software was expected

So, what is Cloud Computing?

Most people are already using it. I’m sure you are familar with Hotmail, yahoo, shared calendar appointments? They are all stored on servers virtually – this is Cloud Computing.

If your business is a user of a CRM software like Microsoft’s V4, all of your invoices, contact information and details stored on the program are again stored on a server where they are hosted allowing a user to access them anywhere.

Basically Cloud Computing is where a piece of information or document is stored on a server virtually and accessible anywhere meaning you don’t have to carry around USB sticks or be sat at a desk.

What’s in it for me and my business?

Cloud Computing is fast becoming the way forward for small businesses, there are numerous benefits:

  • Pay only for what you use
  • Easy fast deployment to users
  • Monthly payment
  • Requires less in-house staff
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Flexibility with hardware and software
  • On-demand
  • Less power hungry – making you even greener

So… If you like to save money, energy and time, it’s time to convert to the ‘Cloud’

iPad2 Rumours | What You Need To Know

With only a few weeks until Apple is supposedly to unveil their new iPad2, the release date, specs and price are still secrets. But does that stop rumours – No.

Reports indicate that Apple is anticipating a huge demand for their second generation iPad, so much in fact that they have ordered six million units per month.

So what do we know so far?

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Microsoft Unveils Surface 2.0

Following Steve Ballmer’s keynote speech earlier today at CES2011, Ballmer ran through a lot of new developments but the focus was on Microsoft’s partnerships and Microsoft Surface. Towards the end of Ballmer’s keynote speech, Ballmer introduced Steven Sinofsky who is President of Windows and the Windows Live division and didn’t he have a lot to show off.

We started off hearing about Windows 7 and how successful it has been since its release, we also heard that the IE9 Beta had already hit and exceeded 20million downloads.

Sinofsky introduced us to the Microsoft Surface 2.0 which has been manufactured by Samsung. The first thing we noticed about the device is that it is an awful lot thinner than the first generation but the significant difference was no camera’s inside to track inputs.

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